Our Specialty

The key to our success starts with the high end quality that, we ensure from the ingredients that goes into making each of our special confectionaries, to the care and expertise of our outstanding pastry chef's team. With Fresh and Handmade delectable bites produced every day, from our own individual production units at each of our outlets, we are indeed proud to have added some of the exceptional traditional flavors to the scrumptious world of Arabic Sweets.

“Nothing can beat the delicious Cheese Samboosas here…”. Many of our regular customers have noted down on our counter register. And as we receive orders as far from the neighboring nations of this pearling island, we know that the mission and vision with which Real Taste was established had finally begun reaching across the nation crossing the borders.

Into our regular menu, we always remember to add those special sweets and snacks during the holy months of Ramadan and Eid, which had always bought a smile to the faces who bought them and had shared it from the platter.

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